You know how our world is full of lies...They are everywhere.Fake people,fake relationships,fake opinions and made up stuff. People are scared of truth,they think that truth is an ugly,old,creepy lady. Perhaps they are right about being old but that means that lady is wise,a primordial power. Wisdom is always beautiful, behind the veil you will see the beauty and clarity of truth, only if you have the courage to do it...On the contrary, lies are disgusting and filthy. They are like a disease,it spreads slowly and and no one in the end knows from what they truly suffer. As for me,i will always be a defender of truth. I will always seek real people with a crystal clear soul. And i will always fight the lies of this world,the fake people. My weapons are my knowledge and my ability to see the world. Will you join me?

^ * Dreamaker * ^