Let's discuss the final.

At the end of the series I cried a lot.

It's sad that the show ended.

I was sorry for Bonnie and Caroline.

The writers did not have to kill Stefan and they could magically bring Enzo back to life.

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      I was glad that Delena was reunited. It was my favorite couple on the show.

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        I'm disappointed that the writers decided that it's better to kill Tyler and not just kill him, according to the scenario, Damon killed him, of course, Elena forgave him for killing a friend, but still, killing one of his beloved's friends is not the best way to show love.

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      The fact that Bonnie decided to travel the most correct decision, I would in her place long ago left this city and live in peace.

The truth is, I'm sorry for her because of Enzo.

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       I liked the fact that Caroline and Alaric opened a school for gifted children. And I liked what Jeremy showed us.

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        The wedding of Caroline and Stefan is the best moment after the reunion of Elena and Damon.

         The last scene was very pleased. Each character has regained his peace. Tyler met Vicky, Joe was looking after Alaric and her children, Elena was with the family, and Damon and Stefan met again.