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In the first years after his exile from Romania, the King, along with his young wife, Queen Anne, flew through Europe, living in Florence, at Villa Sparta, then in France and the UK, finally settling In Versoix, Switzerland. The royal couple has five daughters, and King Michael works to support his family, being a plane mechanic, prototype pilot, broker, and even farmer.

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Throughout this time, he tries to explain to the Westerners the political state in Romania and looks forward to hearing any news about the situation in the country.

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In 1949, King Michael established the Romanian National Committee, a group set up to defend the Romanian democratic interests in the West, during the time when the Romanian Communist Party is in power in Romania.

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The voice of this committee is the king, who sends a message each year to Christmas on the free Europe radio. For years, the King's words have sounded on the radio regularly, as an attempt to encourage the Romanians, who are still going through difficult times.

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Despite the reality of exile, the King's heart is still with his people.

After the 1989 Revolution, the king hopes that he will be allowed to visit his native country again. In Easter, in 1992, he arrives in Romania and is met with excitement over expectations. Nearly one million Romanians go out in the street to see their king again after 45 years.

1989, revolution, and românia image
1989, revolution, and românia image

But the huge wave of sympathy frightens politicians in power, so he is stopped on the road from Curtea de Arges and forced to return to Switzerland again. The monarchy proves to be still a great threat to the interests of politicians in the government.

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Only in 1997, during the mandate of President Emil Constantinescu, the King is given Romanian citizenship and has the right to return without restrictions in the country. March 2 finds a king of emotion in the middle of a crowd of nearly 10,000 Romanians gathered in the street to say "welcome" to the one who had been living such a long and painful exile. Half a century later, King Michael of Romania was back home.

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In 2011, on the occasion of his 90th birthday, King Mihai is invited to give a speech in the Romanian Parliament. In a trembling voice, the monarch acknowledges the progress of the country in recent years, but he suggests with elegance that politics "applied in disdain of ethics" has no chance of success, and that "it is time for twenty years to have broken public behavior completely and definitively by the nuances of the past. "

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The political class is encouraged to invest in the future of the country with responsibility and temperance.
"I do not see Romania today as an inheritance from our parents, but as a country that we borrowed from our children." (King Michael)