We all need love, we all want love, it's the biggest magic in this monotone world! If you are lucky you won't have lots of problems, your lover will love you right back, you will give your love, and receive love!
For us, the romantic ones, one thing for sure is that we wait persistently for love, this little god with wings to knoch us with his push to fall in love, and of course he must do that to our great lover too!
Unfortunately for us the more we wait persistently, the more he is going to be late to complete his work... The logical course of the things (these love things)! Some of us just give up very soon, some other wait a little bit before giving up, and for the untherapists romantic people they wait... They wait a lot, they don't give up, they stay, they want to find it.
From personal experience, love will come unexpectedly, when we give up, when we want some time for ourselves, when we want to find ourselves, to do things for us, to know ourselves better.
Love is coming from nowhere and becomes everything we've got, the most impontant, the most breathtaking, the magic feeling in our stomach (some call it butterflies, personally I don't know iif it's butterflies for sure)! When you give up, you don't care about finding the love, but finding youselfe, that's when you find love and that's the important, that's the magic! The real one, the big one, the most breathtaking that change yourself and your whole live for ever!
Don't be afraid of this love, go and live it until the end, whatever this end is!
Remember, in your life YOU RULE!!!