I am Abbie.
A brown haired, 5ft 4” English female with big dreams and a laptop.
My passions include, music, animals and saving our planet.
I’m a vegetarian of five years and have been battling with anorexia for the past two. I don’t mean to make this a sympathy blog because that is not what I want this to be about. If anything I would love to help out others who are struggling or are recovering.
I want this blog to be a safe and homey place, where people of all beliefs, ages, occupations and genders can come and read about my life- the struggles I’m facing, tips, tricks, hacks, recipes, and most of all lifestyle choices and reviews.
Although these articles will be written by me, they will be created and grown from your ideas.
If there’s one thing I want, it would be to listen to your voices and create new material based on this.
I am a keen writer of short stories and poems, so if that is the type of material you guys would like to see, I will most definitely create that- until I hear feedback however, I will continue writing in a blog/article layout.
Please don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, perhaps they are facing similar struggles and you are just looking for morning routines, reviews, tips and inspiration then please do also follow, heart and send me feedback.
It’s all about you guys.

See you all soon,

Abbie’s Space xoxo