"The greatest love story ever told, is your own." - Letters To Juliet.

Unlike any other fairy tale, I went to see the GP this morning. Most girls would find it awkward to discuss anticonception with their 60+ year old male doctor. I would be too, if my doctor wasn't such a strange man. This morning he began talking by telling me about 'the birds and the bees'. His words, not mine. Then he literally said, "you don't have a sperm donor, do you? I assume you are singe?".

Uh… What?

Thanks Doc.

In the end he told me to stick to the pill because another form of anticonception could result in too many adverse side effects. Those are my words by the way. His words, and I quote: "I can inject the pill in your arse and it will last for about two to three months but then you might have a headache."

You won't find many doctors like that.

Did you know that there is a fairy tale written by the brothers Grimm called 'The Three Army Surgeons'. Apparently the army surgeons wanted to impress the innkeeper by removing their own organs. Their plan was to put the organs back into their body the following morning but then the organs got replaced by the organs of a pig. When the surgeons put the organs back into their bodies they started to behave like pigs.

Maybe my doctor inherited some of this idiocrasy? When I start to behave like a pig, I will let you know.