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We know all the right words
The ones that break you
And the ones that make you
Words that hurt you and words that heal you

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We know how you feel and exactly what to say
We talk much without saying anything
We are quiet yet we share a million words
Our expressions show you how we are
But don't get confused, you don't know who we are

We love tradition
We love change
We will always be young
That's why we live long

We are strong
We do cry
We're not weak
We just know how to deal with emotions

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We are clueless
We know everything
We stay classy
We curse

We empower each other
We bring each other down
We compete
We have each other's back
We will always come up for each other

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You try to hide it?
We already found out
Maybe it's our gut be we are always right
One look and we know the story your eyes tell

We love looking good and being glamourous
We adore being makeup free all day
We are lazy
We are ambitious and driven

We are the queens to our children
The princesses of our fathers
The diamonds of our partners
We are modest
We know our place

We don't like them to tell us what to do
We like a plan
We are chaotic
We are smart and crafty
We are clumsy

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We don't like talking about feelings
We always want someone to listen
We will never forget
We always forgive

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We are unique, every single one of us
We are big, small, short, tall
We are one
Yet we're not

We are queens
We are beautiful

We are women