At the age of 13, she started conquering the hearts of many young man. From her classmate who sits next to her, to everyone's heartthrob in schools from miles away. It's not her fault to be nice and kind. It's not her fault to be smart. Aesthetic vibe is her favorite perfume. She was born with it. The thing is, she wasn't aware of how special she was. Little did she know, she's the infamous heart breaker that everyone talks about. Words are spreading like wild fire. Rumors arise even faster than human multiplying. Boys' confessions have become her daily playlist. But still, she struggles to provide the answers they want. Every rejections end up with her apologies. As if it's her fault to make them fall in love. Even so, she is still the evil one. She's still the one to be blamed for being expensive as fuck for her own good. She is, and will always be the infamous evil heart breaker.