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Hey guys its me again. Thank you so much for over 150 hearts in my previous article, I really appreciate it. <3.

Anyways I'm back with a new article. I know that many of you are either in high school, or college (University if you live in England) and I know that you really have to manage your time or else, you're gonna have a meltdown.So I have decided to give you some tips on how to do so.

-Keep a routine
If you keep a routine, then you're more likely to know what you're going to do in the following week or day. Plus it will make you feel like you have you have your like together.
-Set reminders
If you are a forgetful person like me, then be glad that you have a phone, if you don't want to use your phone then you could always use a planner or an agenda. You can even use a calendar for all the upcoming events.
-Break big projects into little bits
My teacher once told me that if you're going to eat an elephant (this is just an example btw), you can't eat all at once. Instead you should eat it little by little each day until the elephant is gone. If that didn't make any sense to you, then it basically means if you have a big project that's due next week, then you should start right away but little by little, until it is completed.
This one is a hard one for me, because I am forever daydreaming in school and can get easily distracted. I know it's going to be hard but, remember after you completed all your tasks you can relax and start watching your favourite Netflix show.
I know, I know. Who doesn't feel like its gonna be the end of the world when you have like 50 assignments to do and you're stressing out?
That's the first thing you do and try to think this out logically. If you keep on moaning and groaning about that task that is due tomorrow, get your butt up and do it. Its not going to magically do it by itself.
So you have 2 options. Either do it and get it done, or whine about it and then binge watch your favourite show all night, making you very worried about it the following morning.

It will be a whole lot easier if you do the hard things first then, relax.

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I hope this helps you in the slightest way possible. If not then oh well. :) I tried, just like you should as well.

- k