Summer 2017 don't leave. Personally that was the best summer. I had so much fun. I went on vacation to a place that you can also call it paradise. I had plenty of sleepovers with my friends. I drunk so many beers and spent a lot of nights looking at the stars. I don't know but space excites me so much. I discovered some songs that I can say I love them. And most importantly I feel another person. But I'm not ready for school yet. Here in Greece school opens in 10 days. I'm not in a school mood. I don't want it to open. It stresses the hell out of me. This summer was so great that I can't leave it now..It's too soon. I also had the best bday so far. It's 1st of September and as much as I like Autumn It's the first time that I don't want it to come. I hope I don't sound crazy.
Anyway, here are my Summer 2017 favorites.

1. Movie: Dunkirk
2. Serie: 11/22/63
3. Song: Solo dance by Martin Jensen
4. Day: 20/8
5. Cleansing Lotion: Seventeen Clear Skin Tea Tree Oil
6. Concealer: Seventeen Matt Extra Coverage
7. Book: 11/22/63 by Stephen King
8. Tea: Arizona Green Tea
9. Perfume: Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion

That's it for this summer. I'll remember you so much.