{Before reading this, I just want you to know that if you read my introduction to Arcadia, that I have changed the storyline completely. It is inspired by Riverdale and @probablyancientbeauty 's story Flemington. Hope you enjoy!}

Kardia Finch: Shannon’s Twin
Shannon Finch: Kardia’s Twin
Fletcher Smith: Kardia’s Friend/Crush
Dean Muller: Shannon’s Boyfriend
Carson Thurlow: Kardia and Fletcher’s Friend
Crystal Henderson: Kardia and Shannon’s Best Friend
Amanda Finch: Kardia and Shannon’s Mother
Ronan Finch: Kardia and Shannon’s Father

Kardia Felicity Finch ~
My twin sister Shannon meant the world to me. We did everything together. Sometimes we thought the same thoughts and said the same things as each other. But unfortunately I couldn't save her. This is the story of how my older twin sister by 6 minutes and 3 seconds, Shannon Malory Finch was murdered.

FRIDAY 12TH APRIL ~ The Day Before Shannon’s Death

[Finch Household]
Amanda: Come on Kardia! If you want a lift to school then you need to get down here right now!
Kardia Finch: Yeah, whatever Mom! I'm coming!
[Kardia runs down the stairs and meets Amanda and Shannon at the front door]
Amanda: Finally! What took you so long?
Kardia: I was just curling my hair!
Amanda: Curling your hair for that Fletcher boyfriend of yours?
Kardia: [blushing] No Mom! Fletcher’s not my boyfriend!
Amanda: Whatever!
[Amanda, Kardia and Shannon walk to the car and get inside. Then they start driving to Arcadia High]
Amanda: Shan, you've been awfully quiet lately! What's wrong with you?
Kardia: It's Dean isn't it? Are you guys dating yet?
Shannon: Ah, we might be. I mean, we’re going to see The Undertaker’s Discovery at the cinemas tomorrow.
Kardia: So it is a date!? Yayyy Shan! Finally! Your first boyfriend. It's about time too.
Shannon: At least I haven't had 5 different boyfriends that have cheated on me!
Kardia: Not all of them cheated on me Shan! Anton dumped me, not cheated on me, there's a difference!
Shannon: Not really!
[Car pulls up to the drop off bay outside Arcadia High]
Amanda: Okay, okay girls! Get out! And have good day honey bunnies!
Kardia & Shannon: Don't call me that Mom!
[Kardia and Shannon look at each other and burst out laughing]
[They then walk up the stairs and into Arcadia High]
Fletcher: Hey Kards! You're looking really hot today!
Kardia: [blushing and smiling] Stop it Fletch! You're making me blush!
Fletcher: What!? I was just being honest! [grinning]
Dean: [appearing and giving Shannon a big hug] Hey babe!
Shannon: [giggles] I missed you Deany!
Dean: Babe, do you reckon I'm good at Basketball?
Shannon: Of course I do Dean! You're the captain of the basketball team, why wouldn't you be good at basketball?
Dean: Yeah, come to think of it, I am pretty good at basketball. Aw I love you Shanny.
[Shannon and Dean walk away to class]
Fletcher: [whispering to Kardia] I think I'm about to puke….Why do you let your twin date Dean? Dean’s so full of himself!
Kardia: Shut up Fletch. Shan’s happy and that's all I care about.
Fletcher: Whatever Kards. Oh look! Here comes Carson!
[Carson walks up to Fletcher, and they shake hands]
Carson: Hey Smitho! And Finchy! How's it going!
Fletcher: Good to see you man!
Carson: Finchy, did you hear the news?
Kardia: Ah, no, what news?
Carson: That Dakota Sanchez likes Dean, apparently. And she's absolutely pissed that Dean and Shannon are dating. Apparently she's going to make them break up’
Kardia: Aghh! As soon as my sister actually gets a boyfriend, someone else comes in to ruin her chances!
Fletcher: Well, is probably for the best. I mean, Dean’s just using Shannon.
Kardia: Dean is not using my sister! When will you shut up about him Fletch?
[Kardia turns on her heel and storms down the hallway to her locker]
Fletcher: Kards! Come back, I didn't mean to offend you!
Carson: That's tough stuff bro!
Fletcher: Yeah. It's probably just her time of the month or something.
Carson: Probably. Although I wouldn't say that to her face. I said that to Crystal once. I still have the scars from her nails!

Later that day during lunch in the cafeteria……

Crystal: Fletcher is probably just trying to look out for you and your sister!
Kardia: He's not looking out for me, he's looking out for Shan! He probably has a crush on her, and he's just using me to get close to her!
Crystal: Fletcher isn't like that at all Kardia! He cares for you, he really does. If it makes you feel any better, then I talked to him yesterday after school, and he told me he was going to ask you out today.
Kardia: He was!?
Crystal: Yeah, but now that you've had this big hissy fit with him, he probably won't!
Kardia: Oh no! What have I done? I've messed this all up!
[Shannon and Dean walk into the cafeteria with their trays]
Shannon: Hey K!
Kardia: [miserably] Oh, hey Shan.
Shannon: Sounds like someone's in a bad mood!
Kardia: Shut up!
Crystal: [whispers] She had a fight with Fletcher.
Shannon: Ohhhhh! Chin up K!
Dean: It doesn't even matter Kardia, Fletcher’s messed up anyway.
[Fletcher hears this just as he walks past]
Fletcher: I'm the one that's messed up? Excuse me, Mister Big Ego, but I'm not the one who's pashed and snogged every single girl in the school!
Dean: That's it Smith! You asked for it!
[Dean throws a punch at Fletcher that hits him right in the eye. Fletcher falls to his knees, his hand over his eye]
Shannon: Dean! Why the hell did you do that!?
Dean: He asked for it!
Kardia: Dean! Why?
[Kardia gets on her knees and helps Fletcher]
Shannon: Dean! I'm sorry! I just can't be with someone who thinks violence is the answer to everything, because it's not!
Dean: Are you seriously breaking up with me right here in the cafeteria!
Shannon: We weren't even technically dating! Dean, you're a monster and I never want to talk to you ever again!
[Shannon storms out of the cafeteria. By this time, everyone in the entire school is watching]
Dean: Kardia, go tell your fat, ugly sister to get a life!
[Kardia stands up]
Kardia: No one ever, I repeat ever, CALLS MY SISTER FAT OR UGLY!
[Kardia kicks Dean down there, and Dean howls in pain.]
Crystal: Kardia, you go find your sister, I'll take Fletcher to the nurse.
Kardia: Thanks Crissy.
[Kardia runs out of the cafeteria and goes straight to the only place her sister could possibly be: The Secret Room in the Auditorium.]
Shannon: [shaky, tears rolling down her face] How'd you find me?
Kardia: Shan, it's a twin thing.
Shannon: I. Hate. Dean.
Kardia: Shan, I've been dumped and I've been cheated on and I've broken up with so many guys. You know that I was really devastated after all of them. But breakups are good because they indicate that the person that you were with wasn't right for you. Dean wasn't right for you. Your guy is out there. He just isn't here right now.

Shannon: You really think that?
Kardia: Yes. 110%. Someday you're going to meet the love of your life and he's going to treat you right. Oh, and one more thing. I kicked Dean really hard in the balls if that makes you feel good
Shannon: Thanks Special K.
Kardia: [cracks a smile] You haven't called me Special K since elementary school.
Shannon: Yeah, well that's because you never eat Special K anymore.
Kardia: Maybe I should start eating it again.
Shannon: Yeah maybe.
[They give each other a great big hug]

[At 2pm that afternoon, the bell rings to signify the end of the school day and everyone pours out of the classrooms. Kardia rushes straight to the Nurse’s office]
Fletcher: Hey Kards!
[Fletcher’s whole left eye has inflated like a balloon, and it's fully black. He can't even open his eye properly.]
Kardia: Oh my gosh Fletch! It's worse than I thought!
Fletcher: It's not that bad. Dean’s punch was pretty pathetic!
Kardia: If that punch was pathetic, then I'd hate to see what a strong punch is!
Fletcher: Apparently it's going to be really hot tomorrow. Do you want to head down to the beach for the day?
Kardia: Fletcher Smith, are you asking me out on a date?
Fletcher: Well, no, I mean, kinda, yes, but….yes, yes I am.
Kardia: [smiling] I’d love to Fletch!
Fletcher: Okay cool, I'll pick you up at 10am?
Kardia: Sounds cool.
[They hug and then Kardia walks out]

That night at the dinner table…..
Ronan Finch: So, let me get this straight, Shannon, you broke up with Dean today, and Kardia, you get asked out by Fletcher. Isn't that a bit weird?
Shannon: Dad, it doesn't matter. Let's not talk about Dean right now.
Ronan: So Kardia, what time is Fletcher picking you up tomorrow?
Kardia: At around 10. We should be back by 10 at the latest.
Amanda: Okay, so as you know, it's our Wedding Anniversary tomorrow, so we're leaving at 9 in the morning and we'll be back on Sunday at around 6pm. Will you girls be okay till then?
Kardia & Shannon: Yes Mom!
Amanda: Okay then. Don't get into to much trouble when we're gone okay?
Ronan: Yes. No parties while we're gone. And you two usually get along okay, but please don't kill each other okay?

Fletcher James Smith ~
Shannon was my crush's twin. That last school day with her was chaotic, and now Arcadia High isn't the same without her.

{Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it. I'll keep you updated about when Chapter 2 will come out! XOXO Hayley}