◎ Join to a club/activity that you find interesting! this is a great way to connect with people that enjoy the same activities as you do. Some great friendships are between people who don’t have much in common at all.

◎ Join a sports team it’s a good way to be healthy and also making new friends. You can connect with them as a team!

◎ Join extra-curricular activities that you like and also the ones you feel like it isn’t the best for you. It allows you to have the widest range of people in your high school.

◎ Volunteer by working with other people, you don’t feel so uncomfortable talking to them. You can also connect with them because they share the same interests as you.

◎ Start a conversation you can go to everywhere, but you can’t put yourself out there if you don’t talk to everyone. Some people are really nice and they are available to help you and introduce you to the school.