1) If you accidentally close Microsoft without saving your work, type .asd into file explorer in "my/this pc" and your work will be there.

2) Accidentally typed something in all caps? Instead of deleting it, highlight it and hit shift and F3 simultaneously.

3) PDF files that end in ".exe" are viruses, do not download them to your computer.

4) Use wordhippo.com to find words that you can't think of but you can describe.

5) It's easier to remember stuff written in blue ink than it is to remember stuff written in black.

6) When studying for a test, type in google "site:edu (the subject) exam" . You'll find a lot of practice tests you can use to quiz yourself.

7) If you feel nervous, take your thumb and blow on it. By blowing on it, your heart rate returns to normal and you will calm down.

8) When searching for information for a project or essay, use scholar.google.com . It gives you more reliable information right away.

9) Writing something out is equivalent to reading it 7 times. Also, saying it out loud is more effective than reading something over and over.

10) If you go on essaytyper.com and type in a topic, it'll write an essay for you.

11) Studying your notes the same day you take them will give you a 60% better chance of remembering it.

12) Desmos is a free online graph
ing calculator, type any function and it will accurately graph it for you.

13) Cheatography.com builds a cheat sheet, wolframalpha.com answers to homework, and roomsurf.com finds you a roomate.

14) Keepmeout.com temporarily blocks social media while you stay focused.

15) For homework help: Reddit.com , Duolingo.com , Sparknotes.com and Onlineconversion.com .

16) College students, you can go on lozo.com , and type in your shopping list. It'll give you coupons for those items.

17) Slader.com has the answer to every textbook.

18) College students, free textbooks on Textbooknova.com , ebookee.org , manybooks.net and Feedurbrain.com .


- I don't promote cheating at all, and I want everyone to try their best on their own but I know people can be struggling and if using those cheat websites help, please use them.

So yeah! I hoped that helped.