I'm an old soul when it comes to love. I long for the days when men would purposefully seek after a women if he wanted her. The days when a guy would take a girl out on a nice date that doesn't involve getting laid after. The times when people could have good conversations about life, love, hardships, goals, dreams and so on. Real conversations. Things that matter. Things that bring us closer. Simplicity. Relationships or love does not need to be complicated it.

If you don't want a serious relationship, don't even look my way. Like I don't really need all this other stuff in my life. I've never been the girl to go around and hook up with everyone. I just want my one and only and I'm willing to wait for that. Loneliness may kill sometimes, but there's nothing worst than being with someone for the wrong reasons or out of loneliness.

Too many guys have wasted my time and I am done with that.
Either come into my life and be a blessing, or don't even show yourself in my presence. Don't waste my time. I don't have any to waste on meaningless people.