Dear someone,

you’re a little heartbroken right now. yet today more than ever you understand the littleness of human beings and the greatness of Jesus. He truly is perfect. because how can you look someone in the eye and call him “friend”, knowing he’s about to turn you over to death? how can you look a sinner in the eye, someone who can do absolutely nothing for you, and tell him his sins are forgiven, and grant him the gift of everlasting joy? now you understand a little more of the vastness of God’s love. when we put it next to our humanness and everything else the world has to offer, His love is so much better. His grace is so much more than sufficient, it’s everything. Because Jesus will never look at you and say, “I’m sorry, but this thing you’ve done, it’s too big for me to cover.” He’ll never tell you that His cross or grace or love are not enough to cover you when you fall. and it’s oh so difficult to believe this when every other person is telling you that you aren’t worthy. but Jesus never threw stones. He never looked at someone and said, “sorry, but you’re too far gone, my grace just doesn’t reach that far.”

today, more that ever, His love shines through when nothing else does. and that’s when the love of God meets us. when we have absolutely nothing to offer, and when no one wants anything to do with us. Jesus says that its okay, that the One we truly need is right there with us. in the midst of pain and sorrow, and when everything is crumbling down, He catches us. His love is greater. so, dear someone, don’t lose hope. He’s there. even if you can’t see him, or hear him, listen to His waves, watch the sun rise in all it’s splendor, breathe, and know that He is God.

all my love,
a sinner in the hands of a loving God