To be sixteen
To be young and in love
Life to be so simple
Your biggest problem to be a pimple
Soft heart, soft voice, soft skin without a wrinkle
Innocent eyes with a twinkle
Still so little
Still never sinful
To be sixteen and have the world in your reach
Not a peep from you my peach unless it be words of beauty and simplicity
Words of joy for how when you’re sixteen the earth is yours
All open doors
All issues have cures
All wins have scores
But all minds have wars
Even breathing is a chore
When you’re sixteen
When you’re lean and clean and keen to be seen
Choking on caffeine to stay awake
A machine of who they made you to be
Sipping vodka from a canteen
Behind the smoke screen as you see
Being sixteen isn’t a dream
But a nightmare
One with plummeting self-esteem
Must be mainstream
But be agleam
Mustn't be sad or mad or bad
Mustn’t be an undergrad
Forget your deadbeat dad
The dreams you had planned
It isn’t possible for life to be poor when you’re sixteen
Depression is a fairytale
Anxiety, a picture book
Expectations become limitations
Why is it too much for our age to have aspirations
This is a nation built upon communications with the lesser
With the smaller generations
Yet we are ridiculed
Forced to accept limitations
Misrepresentations of my people
My sixteen year old men and women
Yes we are children but we still be civilians
For it isn’t all beauty and simplicity when you’re sixteen
It isn’t green grass and blue birds and good words spoken behind your back
It’s your back being taken to with a knife
It’s the difference between being alive and having a life
the difference between suicide and homicide
You would suffer sixteen years of pain and sadness as I have
You would expect me to brag about the life i’ve made for myself
You would expect me to wish that upon you
To wish for yourself, even if for a day
To only wish
Forever more
To be sixteen