👸🏼 ⇢ be confident:
walk in with your head held high, dont slouch. this is everyone's first impression of you so make it count! maybe even smile at a couple people as you walk by. also, if you need to ask someone for directions, don't be embarrassed. everyone needed directions when they were new.

🎒 ⇢ pack your lunch the 1st day:
it's always best to pack your lunch on the first day because that way there will be plenty of seats left in the cafeteria. this way there's no way you'll be left with the embarrassment of not having anywhere to sit.

🏐 ⇢ join clubs and after school activities:
joining clubs and activities is a great way to meet friends that are interested in the same things as you. make sure to only sign up for clubs you will enjoy & have the time for!

🙋🏼 ⇢ introduce yourself to teachers:
you don't have to do this in the middle of class, but find time to do it. it will impress them that you can speak for yourself. it will also give them more respect for you.

👗 ⇢ dress nicely:
make sure your clothes are following the dress code. try to wear your best outfit that isn't too fancy & do your hair nice.

👯 ⇢ talk to the people next to you:
try talking to whoever is sitting next to you in class. smile and be confident. if they don't look interested or aren't really talking back, you should probably move on to someone else.