Jimin was going through the gift shop, looking for something to take with him, he heard someone humming next to him looking at art supplies. He saw her hands covered in paint, making wonder what this girl was up to. She turned to look at him and smiled shyly. "Oh, Sorry!", he said blushing embarrassed to be caught staring. "It's ok. I'm Y/N." "Jimin, have i seen you before somewhere?" "I don't think so...", she said with a small smile. Then it hit him, the girl in the restaurant, who was drawing Jungkook. Jungkook was sad she had gotten away, and here she was. Hands covered in paint, smiling sweetly at him. He had unintentionally found the girl that got away. "It's you!"

"Huh?" "The girl from the restaurant, you drew my friend Kookie." "Kookie?" "Oh the boy before you left." A look passed her eyes before her face flared up red. "OH!" Jimin laughed when he noticed that she had a flushed look. "You remember?" She nodded slowly, as he then grabbed her hand taking her to the cashier. He took the art supplies and paid as well as his new chain. He dragged her with him down the street and together they walked in silence. "you are a great artist." "Thanks...." "So, ran out of supplies?" "Yeah, thanks for buying them i will pay you back." "How about you spend the day with me instead." "Huh?" "Please? I wanna make a friend here who knows the city." "...Okay, do you know how to swim?" "Yes." "Scared of a little trouble?" "What kind?" "Performing deeds for people of the city." "...Yeah that is fine i guess."

dance, beyond the scene, and dancing image
Y/n grabs his hand dragging him to the docs. They waved at people, dancing with street performers,

playing street games, and snacking on food. Jimin felt like he was experiencing a new adventure, Y/N has lived in this city her whole life, and yet this felt like the first time she has ever really seen it, experience it, it was nice. They sat at the docs watching people come and go, Y/N stared at the water, Jimin looked at her from the corner of his eye. "Enjoying the image?" Jimin blushed when she turned to look at him the eyes.

'Beautiful eyes.', they both thought. The sun was setting, as these two have a moment together.

The promise we made together disappeared somewhere with time.....
Y/N laid her head on his shoulder as music played from one of the residents living at the docs.

IMAGINE : Yoongi
Yoongi was listening to music as he sat in a chair. He was on the porch thinking of where in the world did the boys disappear too.
He noticed someone walking closer carrying shopping bags. "Who are you?" "Oh, Hi I am Y/N, Jimin's friend. He said to come over to make dinner." Yoongi nods looking at the girl. He got up and helped her with the bags as he led them inside. "The boys will come back soon, how about we start on dinner together." "Great, although i didn't get your name?" "Yoongi, or Suga which ever you prefer." Y/N nods.