Today I want to write to you, again, nothing new. I miss you, but that's old story too. I guess I'm stuck. The truth is I don't want to miss you I hate it. It's been more than two years already but trust me it hurts like yesterday. Losing hurts. I remember the pain in your eyes, how much I needed to look away. I am a coward. I never really had the value to beg you to stay even though that was all I wanted. I never told you how much I loved you. I just took you for granted, what and idiot I am. This life is curious, we have everything you just blink an eye and all that you thought you had is gone. Gone forever. Why don't we learn? Why are we so arrogants to think we won't ever lose? I need you to focus, go and say I love you because what could go wrong? Who cares? Just hug because you want to, smile, darling life is so beautiful. I took for granted and it was too expensive. Don't be silly, enjoy, enjoy freedom and fight for it. LOVE YOURSELF because you is the one you gonna have FOREVER. And YOU deserves the entire world.