Absence makes the heart grow fonder
The mind ponder and thoughts wander
But I am as fond as one can ever be
So why has my strength not grown stronger?
As the days grow longer I grow more somber
I should be lovelier so why am I lonelier?
Giddy and dizzy head spinning mind busy
I should be filled with love and adore
So why am I sore?
Why is missing you a chore,
Why is life unlike before
When we hadn’t met I spent years like this,
Alone, untouched, unloved
Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder
My heart had been absent my entire life
Presence makes the heart grow fonder
Just as your presence altered mine
I know I whine and I cry and hurt when you’re gone
But the pain is bittersweet
for you may be gone
But i’ll live on
Sure this pain i had previously forgone
But the absence of heart
Is no pain when compared to the pain
Of living a life before your love