Quotes I have found motivated me or inspired me:

"You are more than your mistakes." - It doesn't matter how many mistakes you make, everyone makes them. It just means your human. The more you make the the more you'll let.

"One day I decided I was gonna choose me. I haven't looked back since." - I actually decided I was going to be happy, just like that. It made such a difference in my life. Just choosing not to let things get to you makes a massive difference.

"With or without someone by my side, I'm gonna achieve all the goals I have set." - You are the only one in you life for the entire duration of it so don't depend on others because they might not stay.

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." - If you doubt yourself you're less likely to try, if you don't try you can't succeed. If you try then you won't fail because failure I think, is when you don't even try.

"You must do things you think you cannot." - If you continue not try things you think you cannot do then you won't change, you won't grow and you won't learn.

"If you think success is difficult then look at the people living with failures." - Keep trying until you have achieved what you want to achieve. Settling for a life you don't want isn't living. Working for a life you want and getting it is success. You can't get the life you want without working for it.

"I'm not searching for my other half because I am not a half." - You're a whole. Finding someone who completes you is all fine and dandy until they leave and then what are you left with. Find a way to complete yourself so when people leave your still whole.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there." - Believing in yourself in one of the most important things you can do.