Hey, guys.....I got into an argument with my boyfriend. If you didn't read my last article "Rant (IDC about spelling btw)" then you would know. It was based off the other guy that is named Jacob. But he went to sleep and he told me he loved me. I guess that was the end of it. It hurts to argue with your loved ones. You can't stop arguments from happening they're a part of life. I am just glad my relationship with him did not end because of the argument. I guess that's a relief. On my dating advice article, I fucked that up badly. You just CAN'T stop arguments from coming or prevent it. It doesn't work like that. I feel arguments are healthy for every relationship (friends, best friends, boyfriend & girlfriend, family and etc). If you've never had an argument in a relationship you're in..well bad news. The relationship you're in is either fake or unhealthy. And what I love about arguments you get everything off your shoulder. Arguments are wonderful. Use every argument you get wisely. You never know when that argument will be your last one. Okay so sorry for all the sappy shit but I just realized something and I just had to tell y'all. I hope you read this and take it into meaning. Bye, from a depressed teenager.