I never saw it comig.
I could never thought our kind of nothing is now everyhing.
Suddenly it's you all I can think about.

I cannot erase the feeling of that moment stumbled by accident when we finally kissed.
It was us alone late, underneath the stars of that cold night, when there was nothing but the lamp lit streets showing your deep brown eyes that have captivated me since always, when I realized that heaven is in you.

You, the person who has always been next to me, who makes me feel safe, who makes me smile more than anyone else can, who takes my breath away, who makes mi face light up, who can touch me where hands can't, who makes me feel in paradise.
You, the person who I'm in love with.

And now I make out that of all the things my eyes have seen the most beautiful is your sweet smile, of all the things my ears have heard the most enjoyable is your reassuring heartbeat, of all the things my hands have held the best is you and that of all the things that go through my head the most pleasant by far is picturing us together.

Now I understand that waiting all this time was worth it.