moonlight 🌙

he's giving me Elvis with some James Dean in his eyes.
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dangerous woman ✨

completely focused, my mind is open.
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be alright 🌈

we're gonna be alright.
ariana grande and dangerous woman image

into you 💐

i'm on the edge of no control.
ariana grande, dangerous woman tour, and ari image

side to side 💓

curry with the shot, just tell'em to call me Stephanie.
famous, singer, and ariana image

let me love you 🎶

good conversation got me holding my breath.
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greedy 💵

baby you got lucky cause you're rocking with the best.
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leave me lonely 🎵

even though it hurts, it's a dangerous love.
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everyday 🎼

you know what your doing, I'm doing the same for you.
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bad decisions ♥

we got that hood love.
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thinkin bout you ☁

cause I don't have you here with me but at least I have a memory.
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sometimes 🌠

cause we're collecting memories.
ariana grande, dangerous woman tour, and moonlight image

i don't care 🎧

now i laugh about the things that used to be so important to me.
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touch it ⚡

how are you all around me when your not even there?
dangerous, girls, and tour image

knew better / forever boy 🎷

that's the game you play, tryna right all your wrongs.
ariana grande, ariana, and dangerous woman image

ariana will forever be my queen

love sarah x