We're in a classroom, and of course, there are classmates. The catch is, why doesn't it feel like I'm there with them?
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I'm sitting around all of these people my age, aren't I? There is no one older than me, unless you mean by a few months while putting the teacher aside. There is definitely no one younger than me, unless as stated before, they are by a few months.

I'm at school, and I'm in a class where I am supposed to be snuggly fitting in. I am awake. Yes, I am awake. This is no dream whatsoever. No way am I dead.


Yet why does it feel like I'm not really me?


There we go.

My eyes roam over the faces of my peers — fair skin, tan skin, freckled skin or dark skin paired with either blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes — and words jump from their gestures. Their smiles. What comes out from their mouths as either laughter or squeaks of embarrassment follow. They shine with sassiness, sweetness, enthusiasm, coolness —

Aaaaaaand, I'm scowling.

Wipe it off. You won't set a good impression.

What am I trying to be?

No, don't be that way.

Don't be what way?

Don't start comparing yourself to other people, especially with their personalities and yours. You are your own person.

A/N: More like a reminder to myself, the thing written in bold... It's also an immensely rough draft of something that has happened more than once for me: comparing myself with others. I would pretty this up, but I'm lazy. Next time, I can and will explain more clearly.