Flemington - Chapter 1: The New Girl

“Flemington is a happy and cheerful place… well should I say was a happy and cheerful place. It was September the 1st, 2017 and the town was running smooth. It was precisely at 4:30pm that Fred Akins was reported missing…” - Crystal Sey

- Early that morning -

[ Hey..] - Abigail
[ Wassup? ] - Mason
[ The sky! Ahahaha nothing much, you? ] - Abigail
[ You know I just realised we live directly next door… Open up your window or I’ll come over. ] - Mason
[ I prefer texting though ] - Abigail
[ Yeah, nah. I’m coming over. ] - Mason
[ But my mum won’t let you ] - Abigail
[ I’ll wait at the door so we can walk to school. ] - Mason
[ Okay see you in 1 ] - Abigail

‘Good morning my best friend!’ said Mason in a cheerful tone.
‘You too, babe’ Abigail said unknowing what she said. Mason’s left side of his mouth pulls up into a side smile.
‘Did I say something?’ Asks Abigail.
‘Maybe..’ Replies Mason. Abigail blushes whilst Mason looked at his watch.
‘Umm Abigail? You’re going to be late to your tour with the “new” girl.’
‘No! I can’t be late as student representative!’ Cries Abigail.
‘You run ahead, I’ll see you in class’ Responds Mason. Abigail turns around and give him a big hug. Bigger than earth, bigger than the universe!

- During school that morning -

Whilst Mason is in class along with all of the other fellow students, Abigail is in the head office introducing herself to Laura Tone.
‘Good morning Laura and Mrs Tone. I am Abigail Thompson, I will be taking you on a little tour about this school.’
‘Thank you very much Abigail, I really do appreciate it. Now I think I better leave seeming you both have class afterwards. Enjoy it sweetie!’ Said Stephanie (Mrs. Tone). She turns around so elegantly that her long dress carried itself out of the door behind her.
‘You two may start now so you won’t be late for period 3.’ Reminds Mr. Flock. The two girls left the room and Abigail started the tour.
‘Flemington high may seem..’
‘Old.’ Finishes Laura.
‘Well, yes old but it also has a ton of history with it, like…’
‘OMG who is that sexy guy over there?’ Asks Laura as she moves her hair behind her shoulders and re adjusts her top.
‘Oh him! Kenny! You’ll never be able to date him!’ Explains Abigail with a shocked face.
‘Kenny! That’s not a fantastic name but he is dang hot and if I can’t date him why’s that? Is he taken?’ Laura asks getting more excited by the minute.
‘First off you can’t date him and that’s a guarantee. Secondly, no, his not taken… yet’ As soon as Laura heard that, she starts to strut down to the end of the hall till where she leans against a locker.
‘Hey… Kenny, that’s your name right?’ Asks Laura flirtatiously.
‘Yes and I take it you’re the new girl in town?’ Began Kenny. Laura nods in excitement.
‘You know before you start sweet talking me I want to say something… I am not interested in you and if you keep doing this to guys you see you’re going to get shamed.’ Explains Kenny. Laura gave up and just walked back to Abigail.
‘Told you.’ She laughs.

- Recess -

[ Abigail are you in the cafeteria or outside? ] - Mason
[ I’m outside with Kenny, near the tree ] - Abigail
[ On my way ] - Mason

As Mason was on his way, Laura was looking for somewhere to sit. So she went up to Abigail.

‘Hey Abbs mine if I sit with you?’ Laura asks.
‘Help yourself.’ Replies Abigail.
‘Hi Laura, I hope you aren’t here to ask me out again?’ Commented Kenny, Laura just shrugs and nods her head as a no. By the time Kenny stated this question, Mason arrived. He instantly locked eyes on Laura and she did the same back.
‘So, according to my senses you guys as in, Abbs and you..’ Started Laura
‘Mason, that’s my name and we all know who you are… Laura.’ Adds Mason
‘Everyone this is Laura as you would know. Laura these are my friends, Kenny and my best friend Mason.’ Abigail said.
‘So are you two dating?’ Laura asks again but more straight up this time.
‘No we are not, we are just really close.’ Mason said. Laura’s attitude lightens up.
‘So, can we all be friends?’ Laura requests.
‘Sure!’ Everyone agreed. As Laura exchanges numbers with them Tony came up behind them.
‘You think you guys are so cool don’t you?’ Started Tony, his eyes scan across them until he spots Laura sitting next to Kenny.
‘Ah!’ Snorts Tony.
‘You’ll never get with him! His a gay freak and everyone knows that and for you again L.a.u.r.a you can go to hell for what your father has done, that’s why he is in jail because of what you kind of freaks do!’ Finishes Tony. Abigail gets really red in the face and she stood up but Laura pushed her back down.
‘You! The “big, tough guy” have no respect for people who are just like you and so what if Kenny is gay! His amazing, funny and handsome! Compared to you who thinks you so hot that you get all the girls and treat them like shit.’ Argues Laura. As for Tony he just stomps away in a very poor manner. Abigail hugs Laura in return and for the guys they said thank you with respect.

- Later that evening -

Flemington residents are all in their houses eating dinner and watching the news, as normal Flemington people do each night. Mason especially notices the side bar with the name Fred is missing.
[ Are you guys watching the news? ] - Mason
[ No ] - Abigail
[ Nah, who watches the news? ] - Laura
[ Yes, I am and it’s normal for Flemington residents to watch the news every night Laura. ] - Kenny
[ Well, for those who aren’t watching it.. Fred has gone reportedly missing! ] - Mason
[ Omg! ] - Abigail
[ Who is Fred anyways? ] - Laura
[ Fred Akins is the brother of Tony, the guy you stood up to today.. ] - Kenny
[ Oh.. ] - Laura

School was cancelled for the Monday allowing the weekend for the Akins to recuperate and for the town to settle. That weekend Mason, Abigail, Laura and Kenny were discussing about if they new anything about the mystery and if so when would they tell the sheriff.

[ Is this Crystal? ] - Tyler
[ Yes, may I ask who’s this? ] - Crystal
[ It’s Tyler, I’m the one who likes to write articles and I was really interested if you would help me because I’ve been captured by your articles about what’s happened so far. ] - Tyler
[ Meet me at school in the cafeteria. ] - Crystal
[ Done. ] - Tyler

- Tuesday 5th, September -

‘Abigail! Mason is waiting for you in front of our house!’ Mrs. Thompson cries.

“As I, Crystal am in the Hotspot cafe where there is free wifi I will keep you up to date with this mystery. Therefore Tyler and I will be working together to try and find Fred, even if it winds us up dead. The 1st of September will never be forgotten. The whole town was hunting for him. Though sadly, he is no longer lost, he has been found by his own brother at school, in a locker, in the girls changing room..” - Crystal Sey


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