aries: the kind of friend that will facetime you whenever you need them, no matter the time. they get very angry over small things but its cute.
taurus: that friend that WON'T STOP singing disney songs and always has food when you're hungry in class. lowkey really good at drawing. literally doesn't give a shit. full of funny stories.
gemini: the friend who doesn't realize they are flirty af. somehow still on the teacher's good side even though they never shut up. lowkey super cute.
cancer: the cinnamon roll who always asks if you're okay (even if you're perfectly fine) and lowkey has a dirty sense of humor but hides it.
leo: super judgmental. talks a lot and has inside jokes with all of their friends. takes amazing selfies. loves dogs.
virgo: gets great grades without trying. always there to offer up honest advice. feminist af. ambitious but lazy. is probably binge watching the office reruns.
libra: sweet heart who tries super hard. spends have their time flirting and the other half watching Netflix or studying. very into snapchat.
scorpio: sarcastic and very hot and cold. talks about music all the time. they have a big heart it just takes some digging. good leaders when put in the right situation.
sagittarius: smart and super fun to be around. they are super fun to be around. they are super sarcastic and witty and are down for whatever.
capricorn: super optimistic and peppy and low key nerdy. brutally honest when it comes to giving advice.
aquarius: super smart to a point that it come off as being a "know it all." is never not singing or humming and is super up to date with current events. most likely owns/ wants to own a gavel.
pisces: slow to come out of their comfort zone, but when they do you see a whole new side to them. very sarcastic and has not time for people they don't like.