Shout out to @moodymilasjournal! Because her article was amazing, and inspired me to write this. A link below with her own article about sixteen things she learned too, before becoming sixteen.

1) To sympathize with my peers and their problems. Before giving someone advice, or giving them my opinion upon something they’re dealing with, I put myself in their shoes. I look from the angle they are standing in, and I try my best to understand their actions and words.

2) To be more appreciative and affectionate towards my family, which I am quite blessed to have. Sometimes I forget that us, as humans, struggle to see beyond our emotions, and are not perfect because of it. And for that, I shouldn’t grudge my family, since I see (and have had experiences of) most of their flaws.

3) To be okay with not always receiving an apology. Even when, of course, I very well deserve one. It can be hard for some people to apologize. I have been there myself where I find extremely difficult to apologize to someone. But I have learned - or in fact, am still learning to be more humble and apologize to those I have offended. And I should let others, take their time, too, in learning how to apologize and forgive alike.

4) To always get as much knowledge as I can from every wise person I meet. A history teacher of mine once said, “You lose your independence when you’re not educated.” I try to remind myself those words every day, because without a doubt, they echo with pure truth. That is why learning and teaching is so important. Never stop learning. Never keep what you’ve learned for yourself.

5) To think positively. Even when the chances seem less than likely to be in my favor. Having pessimistic thoughts only ruins you, brings you to doubt in what you believe in, whether that be in yourself, or in God. Thinking positively will bring you peace, confidence, and so many better things, than always thinking that you will fail. It does you no good to do that.

6) To be as productive as I can everyday. Being productive gives us a sense of reason, a sense of accomplishment. It’s satisfying to the soul. At least for mine.

7) To also rest as well. Even God told us that we should take one day of the week to rest. I know that may not seem enough, but believe me, one day is enough for us to feel rested and at peace with ourselves.

8) To not take things for granted. To not take my life, my every inhale and exhale, my four complete limbs, my ten finger and toes. Everything. To not take anything, absolutely anything, for granted. Because you never know when will lose it, and truly miss it.

9) To be observant. If you only, stop, and take a moment to look upon those around you, you might see how filled the world is of vivid details. Letting your eyes open wide and just breathe everything in, can truly help you along life.

10) To not always share what’s going on my life with everyone. I truly learned the importance of this year. I learned that not everything needs to be told and shared and gossiped about with your close friends and family. That it’s not always the best to share all your inner thoughts and problems. You never know how big of a mouth that person you vent to has.

11) To not be afraid to compliment a stranger. It may not always give you the results you want, but it is always good to be kind and attempt to make others smile. In the long run, it’ll benefit you, too.

12) To not fear trying new things. As intimidating and as frightening they can be, if you want to do it, go for it. Whether or not you like it, or succeed or fail, you still will at least know.

13) To socialize and try to make new friends anytime. I'm a big introvert; I'm quiet and shy; I don't like crowds or going out too often. But believe me when I say, it does us all some good to go out, hang with different people, good people that make you laugh and feel like you're living and not just existing. Go out and try to have some fun. Sometimes you will regret it, sometimes you will love it. Either way, you will always have a lesson to learn from it.

14) To forgive. Like number three says, it took me a while to learn how to apologize, but it also took me a while to learn how to forgive. And forgiving is so important, people. I know it is hard. I know it is hard to forgive and forget all the bad things other have done, but believe me, it truly does you more good to forgive, than it does to those who have hurt you. And remember, forgiving someone does not establish a newly recuperated relationship with them.

15) To remember that a failure is not always a failure. Learn from your mistakes. Even if you commit the same mistake again, don’t give up. Some things take longer to learn than others, hence on number three and fifteen.

16) To infinitely love myself and others. All others, no matter what. This, this, is above all, the most important thing I have learned this year. And I hope you all agree with me someday.