Hi guys! What's up?, today I´m going to show you what are my top 5 SERIES (I´m excited :D)
Hope you guys like it and... Let´s get started.

In the 5th place, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS:

pll, pretty little liars, and lucy hale image pretty little liars, pll, and boy image

I follow this serie since 2015, when I saw the first episode I really fall in love, cause, my favorite type of series are drama-mysterious, and what I have to say it's , the actors are just perfectly choosed, I can´t imagine this show without them.

In the 4th place, The Hundred:

the 100 image clexa, clarke, and lexa image

This show is perfect in all the ways, It´s a drama-action serie. What I most like of this serie it´s that it gets out of the common series, I can´t wait to see the next season!

In the 3rd place THE FOSTERS:

Image by alicectls cast, serie, and the fosters image

I love the fosters because it´s like that type of series that you can see in whatever mood (lol), and you can binge it without getting bored (litterally)

In 2nd place GREY'S ANATOMY:

grey's anatomy image

I looooooove this show, it´s drama and #feels and everything together,just perfect, I love it because you learned so much about everything, life, friends, family, work, etc.

And finally in the 1st place: MY MAD FAT DIARY

my mad fat diary, mmfd, and Archie image

I know, sounds weird, but guys believe me, this serie it's AMAZING. It's just a group of friends with a friend with mental problems, this help me so much to see the things in a different way. I litterally see the serie in a week (you can find it in youtube).

Thank you so much for read my article, give a <3 if you want.
if you want that I do another top 5 like: music, food or whatever, let me now in a postcard :)

Kisses, Constanza.