the air is cold as the sun rises above Buenos Aires city
but my heart is trying its best to burst of my chest
and heat runs through my veins at the speed of light
as my brain naturally diverts toward
the one-way road to you

I freeze as soon as I picture your smile
i burn deep while as i imagine the taste of your lips
i smile and i shiver in the lonely street
i rush my step
as i know that the bittersweet smell
of yours will hit me
when i break open the cruel barrier
that dares to lock you away
from my loving touch
you greet me with a kiss
and a kind smile
and a whisper in my ear
that melts my oldest fears
into flying sparks of
a rocket flying to an unkown destiny.

an animal-like instint takes over
and my feathery soul dances
to your side and
i shake when looking into your
that honey filled eyes
and i shed tears of joy
as i press your skin closer to mine

you look at me with fear,
but you quickly realise the
reason of flowing of the rivers
and we smile,
because we finally understand
why the sun comes back
to the sky every dawn,
and why the sea can´t stay away
from the shore,
we know why we are
and why life is.
i kiss your mouth and thank God
thank Him for letting me find you
at the young age of 16.