If you’ve ever even opened We Heart It, Instagram, or Pinterest, you’ve seen a bullet journal. It’s a mix of a diary without the long paragraphs and a list on steroids, all while being the epitome of aesthetically pleasing.

I consider myself a seasoned social media user, and I’ve seen enough bullet journal posts to fill my Instagram feed, yours, and the person sitting on your left who is subtly reading this over your shoulder. So a couple months ago, I told myself it was time; I’m going to join the ever visually satisfying world of bullet journaling.

Since then I’ve gone slightly broke buying different brands of pens, highlighters and notebooks. These are my favorite supplies, the ones that lasted through constant use, and that I highly recommend for you bullet journalists out there.

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♡ Pen!

Following the words of Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” My weapon of choice is a Pentel Energel 0.5 Liquid Gel pen. The name is a mouthful but the key words are 0.5, and gel. 0.5 is how many millimeters the tip is, which would probably be my favorite quality. It’s thin compared to other pens, and great for precise lines.

This is also a gel pen, which means it utilizes gel-based ink as opposed to the oil based ink you usually see in ball point pens. This gives it a subtly smoother glide across the paper that I’m absolutely in love with.

$7.84 for 3 on Amazon

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♡ Brush Pens!

What is a brush pen you ask? It’s almost like a marker, but with a longer tip used for calligraphy-like styles, otherwise known as your bullet journal best friend. When I was about eight I was gifted a set of brush pen and I immediately loved using them. However, that didn’t stop me from smashing them head first into the paper like the little monster I was. Now as a grown, mostly mature teenager I was able to utilize my mom’s credit card to buy a new, nicer set of brush pens that I won’t destroy.

With practice, you can learn beautiful fonts with these instruments. I suggest going to font download websites like “1001 Free Fonts.” They have a ‘calligraphy’ section and you can practice copying the fonts with your brush pens.

These pens aren’t high grade calligraphy pens, which I like because they are slightly less expensive. I ordered mine from a stationary store, and when I went to find the link on Amazon for this article I unfortunately couldn’t find the entire set. So below I linked the ones that I originally ordered.

$23.99 for 12 set

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♡ Highlighters!

Highlighters aren’t for everyone’s bullet journals, but I love them for some light embellishments around my page. I especially love this set because of the pastel colors, which generally go with the color scheme of my journal.

My favorite uses are highlighting numbers in my journal, for example a mood scale for my day, or how many hours I slept that night.

$9.99 for 6

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♡ Notebook!

This is purely personal preference, but I use graph paper for my journal. I’ve seen some bullet journals on blank or lined paper, but I find it so much easier to have perpendicular lines on my page. Planning out designs is made so simple and everything looks neater.

The notebook I use is one that I actually picked up in a tiny shop in Sunset district in San Francisco. It’s a brand that makes notebooks out of recycled paper and calls them “decomposition” books, which is why I had a difficult time finding the right one anywhere. I actually came across the website that makes them, but they’re only available for stores to buy for resell. Which is why when I finally found the book (with the exact cover I have may I add;) it is from this site I’ve never heard of. But enjoy!


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♡ Tape Runner!

This little doohickey could be one of my favorite things I own, but it’s also okay if you’re sitting there asking what a tape runner is. The best way that I can describe it is a hand-held contraption that lays down tiny sticky dots on your paper. I use mine for making crafts and such, but also for taping my bullet journal pages together. A very, very, sad reality of life is that markers and pens tend to bleed, and when you make a killer design only to find the backside of your paper a bleeding, blotchy mess, it’s no fun.

My fix for this is to tape two pages together, and then use as if it’s just one sheet. Twice the paper means no more bleeding through!

$3.01 (varies)

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♡ We Heart It “Bullet Journal Collection”

We Heart It is your friend. More importantly, your We Heart It collections are your friend. If you’re starting a bullet journal, you have to have a We Heart It bullet journal collection! When I first started I used layouts I found on WHI for my own journal. You just adjust the design to fit your page and the information your sharing and you’re set!

But remember! Plagiarism is real. If you’re posting your journal anywhere, give credit to the artist whose design you used, or include “inspired by…” Us bullet journalists have to stick together!

♡ ♡ ♡

It's time, my journal Jedi. You have your liquid gel pen lightsaber, and you are ready to join the world of bullet journaling. Have fun, and stick with it! Practice really does make perfect. Or at least it makes less mistakes.

Every picture in this article was taken by me, so check out my other stuff on my page!
- jaccijacci

August 30 2017