Before the beginning of time God knew you. He had you perfectly thought out, every aspect of you, gloriously designed. He had carefully chosen the date where you would be revealed to the world, his brilliant artwork displayed. He could not wait to show the world the masterpiece he had created. His mind thought of you, his hands held you, his fingertips formed you. He looked at you and was filled with joy and indescribable love. A love that led him to the cross for you, His glorious creation, His child who he loves, His child who he would die for. Have we forgotten who we are? Have we forgotten that we were thought of and created by The Lord of heaven and earth? His prized possessions, His joy and His delight. We have a worth and a value that no being or thing could ever take away from us. We are the children of God! Known by him, loved by him, made by him. And every day, every moment, every second he thinks of you. He longs for you to know the depth of love he feels for you when he looks at you. The love he has felt ever since you crossed his mind for the first time, His glorious creation..

Image by Marissa
- Marissa