i'm over it
i have way too much unfinished business.
i have way too much on my mind, way too much on my chest.
i like to do things when i want and how i want but when someone stops you from achieving YOUR goals because THEY'RE too scared just doesn't make any type of logical sense to me. I've done been in bad situations and seen horrible acts, but i'm not scared.
I'm trying to do so much to prove i'm more than this but i don't know much more to do. If i have to start REALLY doing what I want then best believe I will.
It's pathetic and your mad because we aren't making the same moves. I hear old stories you speak of and think to myself wow you actually sounded pretty fun. but no you're scary.
Thanks for the advice but I'm done with you.

p.s this is to all the parents trying to stop their kids dreams because they're too scared.