No one can ever quite capture the softness of the sunset's hues, the fluffiness of the clouds, or the crisp blueness of the sky with the man made tools of pencils and paintbrushes. Some people have tried and done beautiful jobs, but there is always something missing from the piece of art, something that leaves us dissatisfied. Why is that? Why can't we capture the dazzling loveliness of the sky with our own artistic talents and abilities? Because the sky was not painted with human hands, nor imagined with human brains. The ever changing masterpiece of the sky is made by the almighty artist, the Lord of the universe. His infinitely strong yet infinitely gentle hands create the divine paintings we see in the sky. They are thought up in his all knowing mind, and displayed across the world for the purpose of us better knowing his glory and power. These paintings contain so much unfathomable beauty that all we can do is sit and stare. The sky, in all of its forms, tugs on a deep part of our hearts, a part that tells us that we belong up there in the big white clouds, with the brilliant colors of sunset. It is a beauty our limited minds cannot fully grasp or comprehend, but we long to reach it, to be immersed in it. We long to one day be part of the painting, to be joined with the painter, perfectly complete, and radiantly beautiful.

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