i don't want someone to take me to the movies, just to kiss me and not talk. i want to learn about the person i'm with. learn what keeps them up at night, what drives them crazy, their secrets, favorite colors, and more. i don't want small talk, i want deep conversation. i don't want them to assume i just like girly things, talk to me about sports, or anything thats on your mind. i don't wanna go to a homecoming or back to school dance. i want to go on a picnic, a vacation, star gaze at two in the morning, go to a carnival, or take a pottery class. i want someone who can challenge me intellectually, and can talk to me about anything. so if you ask me what i want in a boy, i want someone who wants me: to challenge them, love them, and talk to them. thats what i want, and if you don't want that, don't try to have me.