Let's talk about Girls' Generation,not the GIRLS GENERATION OF THE CENTURIES,but the Girls' Generation,the group,the most popular girl group of the world after Spice Girls,they came for change the world,they are the only kpop girl group to have a big public in the western like Wonder Girls,the song who takes the girls for the top was 'the boys' and 'Genie',the popularity was so big,they made a live in the David Laterman Show,this is just a part in the legacy of Girls' Generation 'cuz they are the legends of the music,with a incredible public with the name called ''SO NE'',but some bad things will happenned right now,the company who takes care of them are made wrong things with the girls,recently they made a comeback of 10 years with a album tittled of Holiday Night and of course this album blow up like BOOM,cuz the SONES was waiting for this album since the debut of the group(2007),but seems like the company didn't care about the fans,the contract,the girls,the massive wishes for the album was not enough for the company stop they of musicals programs,tours,variety program,etc,they just have 3 days for promove the album cuz the company wanna made some bad with the girls,and they can't made that,cuz we are the most big fandom in the world,so no one can stop us,we have to protect our girls,our precious girls,i meet the kpop with these group,and i love them so much,cuz they made me meet a new and wonderful world,the kpop world,so i'm have afraid,i have afraid what can happened if the company if the SONES and the kpop community don't do anything,cuz independent of your fandom,they are the queens,they are the legends,we have to help and save the queens.~xoxo