Thank you everyone for liking my previous article of poetry. The new article edition to We Heart It is certainly one of my favorite things about this place...My new poem is about a good friend of mine that is leaving my school. She is such a wonderful person I couldn't help but write this tribute to her. These are the things that remind me of her.

The purple hair is strength
She strives to be different
The cravings to be wanted
Causes the revolt of divergence

It's been a long time since one has held her hand
The last let it go
And hasn't come back
The last is too far away

The ground is her stage
Walked upon with eyes drawn to her
The stage light will never touch her
For that light makes her skin crawl

It's easy for her to bring happiness to others
The effort of happiness from another
Causes a flush of red to her cheeks
The action seems too grand

She is malignity
She is rarity
She is anxiety
She is beauty

She is leaving.