hello babies , it's alaa @fiorette welcome to my part 2 of the article hope you enjoyed part 1 guys , part 1 of the article i mentioned just 5 movies , in this part i will mention the rest , so if you didn't read my part 1 go check it out in this collection , also it includes many amazing articles for my friends on WHI check them out .


i'm sure there's more better than what i mentioned before and what i will mention but all of this is just in my opinion, so let's start.

1) Now you see me : this movie consists of 2 parts , part 1 was released in 2013 , the cast includes mark Ruffalo ,dave franko and morgan freeman , those was the most popular , second part was released in 2016 , i myself prefer part 2 more than part 1 , i think it's more exciting espicially the cast of part 2 includes Daniel Radcliff , which is my bae since i watched harry potter and the women in black for him.

2) pirates of the caribbean : this movie it's parts started from 2003 and ended in 2017 and sure most of us watched it as it jonny Depp is in it and also orlando bloom they are hot , last part was dead men tell no tales , i can't describe how much i loved this part although new characters was seen but it's amazing , you guys must watch it.


3) pacific rim : well this movie categorized as science fiction , lol literlly i watched this movie 3 times , i love science fiction movie like also star wars and star trek , so loved this movie , and i'm waiting for part 2 that will release in march 2018 (pacific rim uprising) , i'm so excited guys i added it to my wishlist.


4) Hunger Games : no words can describe that movie it's literlly amazing , part 1 was released in 2012 and last one part(hunger games mockingjay part 2 ) was released in 2015 , sure we know that jennifer lawrence is the hero of the movie , her acting in the 4 parts was nice and touches my feelings and sometimes made me cry , also i love this movie cuz Liam hemsworth was between the cast in the 4 parts .


5) The expandables : imagine sylvester stallone , jason stathem , dolph lundgren and many others in one movie , it was really nice i enjoyed the 3 parts , this movie categorized as action films , i'm also waiting for part 4 that will release in 2018 , can't wait to watch it do you feel the same!!

so guys this was my words for today also if you have any suggestions for any movies cuz i addict watching movies you can message me on my acc on tumblr , www.fiorette39.tumblr.com , and if you liked it i will puplish an article about 10 top horror films ever just give me your opinion it matters.


goodbye XXxx