All she wanted was someone who could hear her.
Someone who could see her.
Someone who could listen.
For as long as she could remember, she wandered through life.
She was always listening.
To some she was a guide.
To some a small light.
Sent to them to help.
Once their season of difficulty ended, like a breeze they were gone.
Leaving her staring aimlessly down the road ahead.
Wondering to whom the wind would lead her to next.
As time went she begins to wonder is she is alive.
Is she real?ย 
To her ears her voice carried a sound.ย 
In her mind she was someone.
When she looked into a mirror she could clearly see a girl staring back at her.
Yet, when she steps into the real world,
Its as she was invisible.
Could anyone see her?
Could anyone see the smile she carries?
Could anyone see the sorrows that lie behind it?
Would anyone hear her as she poured out her heart?
She's not blind.
She sees the sorrows that fill the world.
The trouble that lies in it.
She feels the sadness of others like her.
She knows.
She knows because she is trying to find them.
She is trying to find others like herself.
Because perhaps.
Perhaps, they would see her.
Perhaps they would listen.
Because they are like her.
Because maybe they would see the world like she does.
Filled with hope.
Filled with life.
While the world sees right through her.ย 
Like a ghost.
Wandering the Earth.
Looking for the light.
Until it fades.ย