Okayyyy, so its been a couple of days since I've last written a blog entry. I've been super busy, trying to get organized and getting settled into my daily schedule and classes.

I just want to thank everyone! I've been getting really good feedback from my blog. Thanks you to all of the people who've messaged me on my social media platforms to thank me for the advice. Also thank you to those who hearted them, added them to their collections, and even just read them.

Here's more advice & tips:

PROBLEMATIC PROBLEMS AND PROBLEMATIC PEOPLE: How to deal with the pot stirrers and those who haven't matured correctly for their age :)

1. Try to resolve your problems like adults. It's called "adulting". Go to whomever the problem is with and try to talk it our respectfully. If that doesn't work its time to bring in the "big guns". NOT LITERALLY GUNS lol (the last thing I need is someone reporting this). When I say "big guns", I mean your CA, RA, TA or whatever their name is. Or go to the housing office and explain the problem to them. Don't forget to tell them that you'e already tried to have a calm and understanding conversation with said person lol.

2. Trying to get back into the groove of going to school can be hard. Especially now that your on your own. THERE ARE NO PARENTS TO MAKE YOU DO YOUR WORK AND NO TEACHERS WHO ARE GOING TO CARE IF YOU DO IT OR NOT. I'm being serious when I say they don't care if you do your work, they don't lol. Why? Cause they get paid regardless lolol. So try to find time to get yourself back on track. Try to make some friends to study with or get a tutor.

Okay so this is my last and final tip lol, because I still have tons of homework.

3. Lock yourself in your room. Put your earphones in and study. If you can't get any studying done, find another spot to do it. BUT PUT IN THE WORK!!! I've been sitting in the dining hall every night and doing my homework. I don't leave the dining hall until I've finished everything I set out to accomplish in there. STUDY. STUDY. S.T.U.D.Y. I promise it will come in handy. If teachers give you reading assignments, do them. EVEN IF THEY'RE LONG, READ THEM! They'll come in handy, I promise.

If you guys have any suggestions on what I should write about or anything questions you'd like me to answer, please message me :) Remember I'm giving my opinion as a college freshman dealing with a lot personalities.

Also if anyone has any advice on how to deal with annoying roommates and immature people, message me please :) I need advice on how to deal with a problem I'm having.