Everyone goes to America for the food, the United Kingdom for the castles or France for the smoking hot guys whose accent is to die for. But why not come to the land of the Bogans, Land Down Under, home of the people who walk upside down? That’s right, I’m talking about Australia.

Personally, Australia has been my home for my entire life. I know what it’s like to live in a city and the country, driving for not even five minutes and get a car covered in dust and persuade people in Austria that we do in fact ride Kangaroo’s to school. So take it from me, the most Australian-Australian that you are going to ever meet, Australia is a place you should definitely go for a Holiday.

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The History is a beautiful feature of the country as it is nothing like you have seen before. First, let me give you a little bit of information. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia have been on the land for thousands and thousands of years, their way of living looking after themselves and especially the land. The country is full of language groups that are all unique and mesmerising to listen to. Their culture is gorgeous and absolutely intriguing. Up in Cairns, Far North Queensland, they introduce you to their culture and traditions through their ceremonies, how they protect the land and keep their rituals alive. If you come to Australia, you must learn about the History of Australia to get the full experience.

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A personal favourite of mine in Australia is traveling through the outback. It may seem dead, grey and dirty but let me tell you that it is only the beginning. You see kangaroos and Emus, Farms with Cattle and Sheep, wheat, barley and cotton fields and small towns with their famous Monuments. Moree, for example, is the home of the Artesian springs (natural hot water). The hot baths are a must go when traveling through this small town as it is also the location of the freedom rides, a movement for Aboriginal rights in 1965. Lightning Ridge is also a must go to town as it is the home of the black opal, a beautiful gem that’s black with the rainbow sparkling within. Each outback town has their hidden gems so it is up to you to go and find them!

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The food in Australia is beyond amazing as it is filled with such a cultural diversity, I decided to put together a small list of my favourite places for food:

GPK Bagels [Macquarie Centre, Sydney, NSW] – It makes small bagel burgers or even Nutella Bagels [I know, right? Yum!] That are the perfect things to nibble on for a meal. You can pair it with a tea or a healthy drink and you will feel like you made real progress that day.

Café Omega [Moree, NSW] – a small local café is the best one yet. They make the perfect coffees whether you’re there for a date or a simple takeaway. The meals are beautifully prepared to ensure you are full to the brim with delicious goodness. Not hungry? They’re small bowl of Potato wedges are to die for and their muffins are the number one option for a sweet tooth. The biggest challenge? Definitely trying to pick something to eat from its range!

Sushi Hub [Hornsby Westfield, Sydney, NSW] – This place has the greatest sushi of all places. Whether it’s a small roll, some fancy sushi box’s or catering for a party, this place is amazing. It may be in a shopping complex, but it is still beyond delicious!

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So what am I getting to in this Article? Go to Australia! It is the prime destination for a Holiday. Now remember, these are only some my favourite parts of Australia and so there are many, many things to do in this country. All you have to do is come and visit and discover its beauty yourself. So Come on! Let yourself Stray to Straya!