Some people are blessings, and some other are lessons.
In both cases you should feel gratitude, because those who are blessings add more beautiful memories to your life. While on the other hand, those who are lessons have entered your life for a reason, god made them walk into your life so you would learn something new, something that'll make you stronger.
Thank them for the pain, and be strong. Take the suffering that you went through because of them as a step to go higher and higher and rise above them all.

"Pain is beauty and Beauty is pain.."

Never take the knife that they stabbed you with and use it against other people just because you are hurting.
Be better, more mature and wise.
Take the knife throw it away out of your life, look at the scar and smile.
That beautiful scar of yours and the story behind it, and how brave & strong you were, that should make you smile.
Embrace that and never be ashamed of it, it is a chapter of your story and you are the author who is going to be able to turn this chapter from a negative one to a beautiful, positive and a motivational one.

Let it go, don't let your emotions control you, stop your self from thinking about the past. Just force yourself to stop thinking about it and make yourself busy thinking about the present and your goals in life, make that a habit that you will have no time to think about the past.

Image by Kiki Sharon

Keep looking up
Stay Positive
Keep moving forward.