...But he is the most stupid, weird, unfunny, dirty, egocentric and annoying fuck you ever met too:

I can't describe how FRUSTRATING it is to see him, so striking beautiful with his smooth skin, his Green/Golden eyes and the most kissable red pair of lips EVER and know that the moment he talks to me, he has this super bad breath, dirty hands and the expression of a lunatic. NOT JUST THAT: He only talks about himself, he doesn't care if you don't understand what the fuck he is saying, HE IS TELLING YOU ANYWAYS AND GETTING RIDICOUSLY EXCITED, jumping around you, screaming and cursing for NO REASON. Won't even ask "how are you?" casually, bcs the moment he approaches is just "ME, MYSELF AND I". He makes this super lame offensive jokes always and laughs alone. And you just can't have a normal conversation with him, because 1.Only talks about himself and 2.He has a closed-mind and 0 arguments about anything, something like "I don't like it, then is wrong".
And i know: He is, visually speaking, my dream boy, but all that is important, all that matters: IS WRONG for me. I can't bear with him no matter how hot he is, he is just the worst person i know.