sometimes while going through my feed, I wonder where these pictures that I relate to my own experiences really come from. are they real? is it all just mounted for the picture? or is it a genuine situation with actual human beings?
of course, there are some situations that just cannot be in our everyday lives. for example,

girl image

ya fucking kidding me? she is fully dressed in a bathtub and her damn makeup matches the fricking flowers that casually surround her....
what I wonder, is this picture uploaded in order to get attention? for an aesthetical purpose? maybe was part of an art movement... I guess we´ll never know.

moving on;

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here, a group of pics that look genuine and make me feel part of that atmosphere. but are they really? are they posing? did they go there with the sole purpose of taking a photo to achieve tons of hearts? I hope not.

Image by cam

this picture. this picture gives the hope that brings me back to this god-blessed site. I took it while back in my friend's car. we seem young and free and all that bullshit. but actually the guy in the picture is 13 years old and we are in his parent's car going back to the city after a weekend of goofing around in her countryside house. i love sunsets so i just wanted to take a picture of the scenery and he just happened to appear in it.

the saddest thing is that we forget. we forget that just because i took a pic where my life seems interesting or better doesn´t mean that it is. when i want to escape from my sad reality, i log in and see pics like these and wish i could just be them.
we forget that most probably that kid in that super cool shot also has problems with his parents and he has to break his ass off to pass his midterm exams. we forget that sometimes he also wants to escape his sad reality and wishes he could be smoking a ciggarret on top of a mountain watching the sunset along with his best friends. we all do. and maybe if we were more aware of it, we would stop watching our feed and we would go out and live our own we heart it pictures. and maybe you wouldn´t even need to take a pciture of it because it doesn´t fucking matter. because you will never forget the feeling of living in the moment and no giving a fuck about tomorrow. trust me, you´ll remember. everytime you see a sunset, a rainbow or a cigarrette consuming in the cold night, you´ll rembember the pleasure that the ephemeral living brings.

like a wise woman once said;

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
— Eleanor Roosevelt

well, i don´t expect no one to read this but i wanted to test this new thingy.
farewell and good journey,

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