The bass reverberates through my body,
A rival to its erratic heartbeat.
The jumping people dressed in white are lit
By a black light, causing them to glow like supernovae.
Neon strobes the room; darkness here one second
and a burst of color the next.
My eyes roam the lively place,
catching on a flash of lavender hair
whipping through the air at the opposite end.
It belongs to a girl with paint on her face
resembling the stripes of a tiger.
She is positively free.
Her spirit draws me closer, magnetic,
and I unconsciously maneuver through
the buoyant mass of dancers in her direction,
my gaze locked on her bobbing head.

She smiles in greeting, her teeth glowing bright.
I smile back.
She looks like what life should be like.
Like good days and better days.
Her eyes glitter as she assesses me—
This strange, unknown girl with the nerve to approach an untamed creature.
I inhale, the scents of sweat and alcohol
And perfume consuming me.
She leans in, her arms finding rest on my shoulders.
I lean in, knowing there is nothing left to do.
We dance.

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