Dear Me,

Where did you go?

Me from the past of memories long forgotten yet so vividly remembered.
Me from the past that watches roses of nostalgia blossom and die with each present passing day.
Me from the past that would stare at the sky watching innocent clouds dance.
You left me defenceless against reality and left me alone. You were gone when I needed an escape, an escape that you created all the time with your wild imagination.

But that's the thing,
none of this is your fault.
I'm the one that grew up too fast and I'm the one that clung onto reality with both hands.
I'm the one who needed a 'more mature' escape.

It's a shame that I didn't realize
that I was letting you go.

So future Me, I tell you this now.
Don't forget about us the way I forgot about Me.
Leave just a little space in the back of your mind,
And when you need us, we'll be there...

I'll be right there.