Hello I am Marigona from Kosovo a little and cute city Prizren .
I want to write here to express mysefls and what inspires me.
I read a lot of posts here a see a lot of photos and think that every heart here it's a little bit us.
Maybe my English isn't very well I apologize, but I try and I want to do practice at the end all of us learn from mistakes or not ?
Okay.. I'm a girl with high ambitions I'm lawyer now I'm studying master in contracts and comercial law... for me in life every piece is what makes our life and us like person.. I love every smal thing I think that if we be thankful for every day in our life we can live and be a better person.
I love studying law because I always think that some day I'm gonna be a goog woman and help others especially women and childrens.. and today I work hard for it.

I love reading also and I think that everything I am today is from books, the way I live, the way I look at things, the way I'm connected with peoples, and how I understand them without prejudice, without complex.
This makes me happy because I learn to see beauty in everything.

I title this article Lady Bug because I want to be a Lady Bug in the life of every person I know .. to bring them luck, happines and kindness.