Here I have gathered a list of my favorite trends of the summer. I know that it is near the end of summer but some of these trends are still definitely wearable throughout the year, depending on how you style them.

Most people I know don’t know what this is. I just say it’s a picnic table pattern and they all know what I mean. I love the look of this trend and especially in the summer because that’s when most people have picnics. It looks great on anything. Shirts, bottoms, hats, headbands and dresses. This is my favorite trend of the summer!

(Flowy) Maxi dresses
I only own two maxi dresses and one of them is formal and other is casual. I love to wear them because they are pretty much timeless and you don’t have to shave to wear them (unless there’s a slit on the side). I always bring mine on vacation and often use it as a cover up, which comes in really handy. Even if you’re short like me, you can still rock one just as well. I usually wear heels with mine or you can just get it tailored to your height.

Floral Heels
There are pairs from TopShop and Aldo that I really, really love. The velvet and woven material just makes it all the more festive and summery. And I love the half wedge that it has as well; it makes the shoe look casual but a little fancy too. I’m always looking for a nice, casual sandal or heel that matches with what I have and these would definitely fit that category.

Dainty Necklaces
My usual go to necklace is something dainty and especially in hot weather when you don’t want something heavy on your neck while you are lugging around in the heat. They can be really customizable and unique, even though there isn’t much to it.

One Pieces
One piece bathing suits and one piece bodysuits are everything right now. When I was younger, I used to hate wearing one piece swimsuits because I thought they made me look like a baby but I should’ve embraced it instead. As for body suits, they are super easy to wear with anything and I always love tucking in my shirts so these make it very easy to keep tucked in and not have to worry about the wrinkles or ruffles seen through your shorts.

Banker Stripes
A buttoned up shirt version of this pattern looks so cute when both of the shoulders are off and the buttons are unbuttoned a little at the top. With this tucked into a pair of jeans, you’ll be looking so effortless but chic at the same time. Any colour of jeans would work so well with this style. I still yet haven’t gotten a hold of one of my own but I love how loose and casual this pattern can be.

Waist Cinchers
These look fabulous on T shirts and could be worn any season of the year. It is bringing back a modernized version of corsets or an inside out waist trainer, except it looks good on the outside. I find that this style is sold a lot at TopShop, one of my favorite stores.

Overall I would like to say that these pieces of clothing are stunning and anyone can rock them. Enjoy the rest of your summer!