Mom jeans have made an amazing return to the world of fashion this last season. Debuting greatly in the 1980's during a Calvin Klein ad, they disappeared for a while after the 90's, when the low rise jeans worn by Britney Spears made their way into the spotlight.

Anyways, in short terms: they're back and we love them.

Here's some tips on how to wear them:

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Cut-off mom jean style pant, black ankle boots and a black statement sweater.

Perhaps one of the most easiest and classiest way to style such versatile pieces is by pairing them together, which is precisely what is done here.
The chosen wash of the pants really plays in contrast to the black, making anything or anyone stand out. Personally I would enjoy seeing a splash of color somewhere in the details of this outfit.
Maybe a red Gucci bag, or some colored sunglasses like these:

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If you're looking for a way to make these trendy pants look more upscale here's how to style them:

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Yellow tie knot-up shirt, Gucci belt, and mom jeans with side detailing.

I love how well the belt ties the whole outfit together, it makes the detail on the pants stand out extraordinarily. It is so effortlessly pieced but it looks like you spent years deciding what to wear. This outfit would not be brunch, or dinner date worthy, without the bell sleeves and low cut of the blouse. It is really the small details that make it seem more upscale.

In case you are wondering 'just what pair of shoes would complete this look'? Search no more because I've got the perfect pair.

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Gucci Slides, $600

I'm a firm believer in matching belts to shoes. One of my special styling rules is that the accessories you choose to wear should always coordinate well with your shoes, if not you may look like you're all over the place.
The Gucci slides are more than perfect, in the black color and gold detailing they match the belt entirely. They are also nonetheless this summer's wardrobe staple piece.

And lastly, a look for the more work attire needy:

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Pale blue blazer, striped top, small chain bag, and the classic mom jeans.

This one's for my girls who have those casual Fridays but still want to look put together in a stylish, every day wear way.
I love how if you covered the bottom half of this it would be acceptable for any day in a work space, but it's the mom jeans that dress this down to more casual wear.
The color palette in this outfit is very basic, which is also a major key to simple outfits. By sticking to one color (blue), and pairing it with something that provides a backdrop to spin the blue off of (the white), makes it really easy to recreate this look.

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Light colored espadrilles.

To pair with this outfit, I chose some off white espadrilles. You don't want to take away from the main attraction, which are the blue pieces incorporated into the look. (Super adorable dog not included hahaha)

Well guys that sums up my article on styling mom jeans, I hope you all got an idea on how to wear your very own pair.

All the love, D