Where do I start?
I swear you're like a work of art.
You had my heart
From the beginning.
Please give me your time,
And your voice that will chime.
I crave for your affection,
And a peek at your wonderful complexion.

Let me give you pleasure,
And let me take away the pain,
But only at your leisure,
And we can do this again.

I keep drowning,
In the thought about you.
You're not what I want,
But what I need.

Allow me to call you mine,
Let our hands intertwine,
And I'll be on cloud nine.

You have set my heart on fire,
Kindled with unchaste desire,
The flames that aspire,
Thoughts that go higher.

These are words,
I don't want others to say.
I want to call you mine,
If I may.
Now my heart floats away,
To the wonderland that is called

Don't copy my work please and thank you.
Please feel free to check out my other poem "Can we sail to the moon?" Thanks! -J